Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Russ B. Memorial Camera Update-Spring 2014

The Russ B. Memorial Camera is a Moultrie 880i set in photo mode.  It captured over 2400 images over 168 days on one set of batteries.

The Russ B. Memorial Camera got  quite a few animals.  However, there seemed to be an abundance of Great Curassows.  The big male is seen criss-crossing in front of the camera, occasionally displaying with his wings, crest, and tail feathers.
Here are a few highlights:

There are a few females around as well.

Two ladies on a stroll.
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White Nosed Coati

Tails up!

Healthy Ocelot



So just how do I go through so many photos to pull out the best ones?

This video replicates how I go through through the images in  rapid sequence of images:
Maximize the size.
I download the images into iPhoto.  I can rapidly pass through the images and am able to 'see' changes from image to image.  This helps locate where the animal is in the frame.  Make random stops while viewing the above video and you'll see how often nothing appears in the single frame.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

Keep an eye out for reports from the remaining cameras as I'll be posting them over the next few weeks.  You can subscribe to the blog and get notified when I post, or you can check back when it is convenient.

Visit the Ocho Verde YouTube Page for other scintillating videos.

The technology exists to receive live(+ 3 minutes) text or email images from the new 2014 model cameras.  Contact me at, if you are interested in participating in this type of project.

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