Thursday, April 11, 2019

Cute boy Ocelot ditches Mom...hangs out...catches snake...plays with camera... is scolded by Monkeys... Brings a friend by to show off!

The entire video is down below.
The Complete Video of this Story is Down Below!

"Ok Mom....I'll see you in a few ma'm....I'll be fine...yes, I'll wait right here for you!"
The chubby young ocelot told his mom.
She left.... he sat there.
He licked his paw and cleaned his face.

"What are those blinking lights on that tree?"
Eyes spies a Camera Trap!

"Oh...never mind...I'm hungry maybe I'll have a snack.  A snake snack sounds great!"
"Cool, I caught a snake!"

"Where is Mom?", he thought... and he wandered in last direction...

Oh well...I'll just wait...

What are those strange blinking lights...I'll lick'll bite and twist them.

Bored he wanders off...

But around 3 the next day he returned and visited with the cameras as endangered squirrel monkeys screamed at him overhead.

The humans walked by that night and noticed the twisted camera.
Frank, James, and Owen walk by that night!

Later that same night, he shows back up and plays in front of the camera with his friend!
Cute Cats Playing

Here is the full video!  If you can click the "Watch on You Tube" button for a bigger picture.

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